Bariloche map


Bariloche is located on the southern shore of the Nahuel Huapi lake, in the Rio Negro province of Argentina. It is a very pleasant place, in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. A lot of information about bariloche is available on web site, as well as numerous other ones (see Google). If you can read spanish, check the Nahuel Huapi page from Parques Nacionales.


I spend some of my free time taking pictures of the surroundings, especially since I got my Canon 300D. I will soon organize my pictures in the following groups:

My prefered pictures
My house
From the Cerro Lopez
Paso Cordoba
Villa Traful
The wood of Arrayanes
Lakes of Bariloche

Meanwhile, you can browse a picture gallery with more pictures but where they have not really been ordered.

Useful links

There are many resources on the web, and as always, Google is your friend.

Listed below some links I found useful: